Music Licensing

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Meekufu „officially“ holds the Top fastest Songs in the repertoir of Scorekeepers Music. Meekufu has set up VNOIZE Publishing (BMI) in the U.S. to be yet closer to the U.S. market.

Production Music

Meekufu Music licensing is the process of obtaining permission to use copyrighted music from the owner of the copyright. This is necessary to avoid infringement of the owner’s exclusive rights to reproduce, distribute, or perform the music. Music libraries are collections of pre-recorded music that can be licensed for use in various media productions such as films, TV shows, commercials, and video games. They often offer a wide variety of genres and styles, making it easy for producers to find the perfect track for their project. Production music, also known as library music or stock music, is music that is specifically composed and recorded for use in media productions. Production music is often licensed through music libraries and can be a cost-effective alternative to commissioning original music.

Benefits of Meekufu Music Licensing

Meekufu Music Licensing offers a variety of benefits for you. Firstly, by licensing Meekufu music, you can reduce the costs of creating original music for your media projects. Secondly, you have access to a wide range of specialized music tracks and unique genres that you can use for your projects. In addition, using licensed music tracks is safer than using unlicensed music tracks, as you respect the non-exclusive rights of the copyright holder and avoid infringements.